Jul 29th, 2016

#Bflies Instagram Contest

Have you heard? Our Butterflies: LIVE! exhibit is back open for business! The exhibit was closed following storm damage to the Conservatory, where our butterflies live. Our amazing crew has worked hard to make the necessary repairs, and now the butterflies are fluttering about once again.

#bflies butterflies Instagram contest 2016

Thanks to @decktheholls_ @ariannajoel, @y.groves, @janepouzou, @gintergram, @atjorrey, @midlorunner, @modmomm, @nifer1015 for entering their beautiful photos in our Instagram contest!

#Bflies Instagram Contest

With the reopening of our Butterflies: LIVE! exhibit, don’t forget about our ongoing Instagram photo contest. It’s simple to enter: all you have to do is visit the Garden, take photos in the butterfly exhibit, and then post one or more to your Instagram with the hashtag #bflies. Remember to follow us  on Instagram at @LewisGinter. Don’t have an Instagram? No problem. You can still enter by sending your photo by email.

#bflies butterflies instagram contest collage

Shout out to @andirn97, @katsvanb, @sphinx333 for these cool #bflies shots.

All of these photos you see on this page are some of our favorites that have been entered into our #bflies Instagram contest….so far. The competition isn’t over yet, these are just a few of our favorites. Keep posting your butterfly photos to Instagram with the hashtag #bflies through October 9 at midnight. Be sure to check out our list of prizes on our #Bflies Instgram Contest page (hint: they’re really good).

Instagram Contest Categories

And don’t forget that there will be winners in three different categories: Grand Prize, Butterfly’s Choice, and People’s Choice. Grand Prize will go to our overall favorite. Butterfly’s Choice goes to a photo that helps raise awareness of the importance of butterflies as pollinators, or furthers our educational mission in some way. People’s Choice will be selected by people like you! We’ll post the finalists in this category to Facebook and let our followers choose the winner. Be sure you’re following our Facebook page so you can vote, too.

We liked these particular photos because they’re colorful, utilize unique props, and use light in interesting ways. As you can see, we have a soft spot for photos where something unexpected is happening, like when a butterfly lands on a child’s magnifying glass. Photos that show visitors safely interacting with the butterflies are some of our favorites, but we can tell when a butterfly has been grabbed by its fragile wings and placed in someone’s hands for a photo. Please remember not to grab or harm any butterflies in the making of your amazing photos.

#bflies butterflies collage Instagram finalists

Thanks to @k_hoots, Nina Leary, @mason1746, @am_green_gobbler_ma, @tisha_lyn, @asmphotography24, @hobbes4564, Robert Lesher, @roadwarriorcollection for another set of awesome photos!

We look forward to seeing your photos! In the meantime, come out to the Garden and say hello to the butterflies. They’re ready for their close ups.

Sarah is a senior at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. She's spending her summer blogging about all the beautiful flowers at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden as a PR & Marketing Intern. If you see her around, be sure to ask about her adventures in Ireland last semester, where she was lucky to have the incredible opportunity to study abroad.

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