Nov 9th, 2023

Class Highlight: Conner Parrish and the Art of Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers are beautiful and eco-friendly art materials. photo by Conner Parrish

The Garden is excited to have Conner Parrish of Blossoming Roots Farm & Supply in Ashland, VA, teaching several adult programs this season, including Pressed Flower Art on November 11 and the Dried Wreath Flower Workshop on November 18.

“Pressing and preserving flowers offers an eco-friendly way to create art with nature,” says Conner. He doesn’t spray blooms with preservatives, preferring to let the flower press do the work of wicking moisture away. “Pressing flowers is easy to get started with and, once you learn, you can make all sorts of arts and crafts, from cards, to bookmarks, to jewelry.”

During his upcoming class, Conner will share the rich history of pressed flowers as an artform. Each attendee will receive a small flower press to work with as Conner walks through the essentials of harvesting, prepping, and pressing local blooms.

“Any flower without a thick center is ideal for pressing,” he says. “Daisies, pansies, and violas are all great choices for beginners. If you don’t grow them in your garden, you can also purchase potted flowers from your local nursery.”

Students at Conner’s Pressed Flower Art workshop will make cards to take home and share. photo by Conner Parrish

In addition to teaching workshops at the Garden and Jujubee’s, Conner also shares his love of flowers with regional senior living communities. “One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing how different people interpret projects,” says Conner. “From kids to seniors, each individual will take the same materials and make a completely unique design or scene. It’s really cool to see that creativity and how everybody views things differently.”

Conner Parrish of Blossoming Roots Farm and Supply

Conner Parrish of Blossoming Roots Farm & Supply

In addition to taking home pretty pressed-flower creations, Conner, whose company donates a portion of every sale to pollinator education and conservation efforts, hopes his students will also walk away with a deeper appreciation for the earth and its resources. “Creating something new with flowers offers a different and valuable perspective on nature,” he says. “This world is so important, and we need to safeguard it.”

Leigh Crandall is the marketing and communications writer for the Garden.

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