Mar 17th, 2016

Easter in the Garden Shop

Glass Eggs Easter gift

Glass Eggs
Look what the Easter bunny brought! A clutch of hand crafted art glass eggs in pastel hues, just the thing to tuck into a basket or scatter around the table at Easter brunch. (12 eggs in each collection.)  Small $22.95, large $33.95

Suddenly it’s spring! Nature is celebrating in all her splendor as the Garden bursts into bloom. And you’ll find just as much to love inside the Garden Shop as out. We’ve curated a collection of and gifts and goods to help you throw your own seasonal celebration.

Easter spring wreath

Spring Wreath
Celebrate the season with a pretty silk wreath! Imagine one gracing an elegant tablescape or dressing up a doorway (inside or out). Festooned with a matching bow and available in a rainbow of colors, there is sure to be one that strikes your fancy. $38

Easter Bunny Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt and Pepper Shaker
If this irresistible ceramic bunny offers to share his larger than life carrot with you, don’t be surprised! It’s a pepper shaker. Guess who’s filled with salt. $14.95

South African Box and Vase for Easter

South African Box and Vase
Look closely. These are plastic water bottles, ingeniously reinvented by industrious women in South Africa. Decorated with decoupage, they double as a vase, herb pot or pencil cup when open. Fold the plastic petals in and they transform into a clever container. Each one is unique and comes with a photo and thank you from the entrepreneur your purchase helps to support. Small $13.95, large $16.95 (holds a 4-inch pot).

Tin Basket Easter gift

Tin Basket
The vintage look of a hand colored steel engraving makes this tin basket both classic and cute. Fill it with goodies and it’s an Easter gift basket. Afterwards, pop in a pot of spring hyacinths or summer herbs and you have a gift for all seasons! $16.95
Hopping Bunny
He hops, he squeaks, his nose twitches and his ears wiggle. No Easter basket is complete without this delightful bunny. $12.95 requires AA batteries
A clip-on butterfly fashioned out of feathers and comes in more colors than you can imagine. $1.50

Austrian Easter gift Eggs

Austrian Easter Eggs by Peter Priess of Salzburg
Behold a collection of classic Easter eggs, hand painted in Austria. Each one is tied with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon, ready to hang on a bough or branch. Some are painted with sprays of spring blooms and some with whimsical bunnies and chicks. Some feature guilt trim and impasto edging and some are pierced with intricate cutwork. Every one is captivating. Whether you fill a basket or decorate a table, be sure to build a collection and make it spring tradition. (Each egg comes with its own folded storage carton.) $9.95 – $10.50

Volunteer Susan Higgins writes about what she learns and loves in the Garden.

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