Dec 3rd, 2015

H2Whoa! Fish Facts

Install low-flow water fixtures like faucets, shower heads & toilets in your home.

Did you know you could buy low-flow water fixtures? Water plants more heavily and less often! Oh, and check out that whimsical fish garland!

You know the theme of this year’s Dominion GardenFest of Lights is H2Whoa!, but did you know that the Garden uses rainwater for most of its irrigation needs? We love how this year’s water theme allows us to talk about important environmental issues, like how you can make a difference in water conservation at your own home. When you visit GardenFest this holiday season, make sure that you explore our water-education fish and bubbles in the Kelly Education Center hallway. There are many fun tips that you can explore and share with your kids.  You’ll find them on the way into see the trains.

Or, scroll down and enjoy them now!

Low phosphorus detergents help the earth!

Low phosphorus detergents help the earth!

Water bubble facts

It takes a little extra planning, but it is so worth it!

Fish fact decals on display in the Kelly Education Center

Dragonflies are good!

Integrated Pest Management bubble

Integrated Pest Management makes good sense!

Catfish fact

What watershed do you live in!?

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