Jul 15th, 2014

Knockout Bloom: Sneezeweed or Helenium flexuosum 'Tiny Dancer'

Helenium flexuosum 'Tiny Dancer'

Sneezeweed or Helenium flexuosum ‘Tiny Dancer”

by Jonah Holland , PR and Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 

Sneezeweed or Helenium flexuosum ‘Tiny Dancer is a great example of a beautiful native that can add alot of texture and movement to your garden (the blooms tend to dance in the wind, on its leggy stems).

Jonah Holland is PR & Marketing Coordinator at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, specializing in social media. She's been known to go for a walk, and come back completely inspired to write a blog post on her newest found adventure.

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