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Learn the art of floral design and flower arranging through hands-on workshops and demonstrations.  Courses include traditional and modern styles of floral art and instruction in a variety of settings, ranging from step-by-step classes to sophisticated workshops and programs.

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Class Schedule
December 2018 – April 2019

Holiday Floral Design Workshops FULL

Wreaths and More from Nature | November 28

Learn to use the textures and colors of the late fall and early winter landscape to create wreaths, swags, or other hanging designs for your holiday décor. Instructor: Laura Anne Brooks

Fresh Wreaths with Natural Materials | December 4

Use fresh greens and sturdy florist materials to liven up a pre-made fresh wreath. Embellish with a variety of decorations, and choose from attractive ribbons to finish off your design. Instructor: Mimi Cassick

Fresh Swags for Indoors or Out | December 11

Use fresh greens and sturdy florist materials to create a swag that can double as a door decoration or centerpiece. Embellish with a variety of decorations, and choose from attractive ribbons to finish off your design. Instructor: Mimi Cassick

Escape from Winter: Terrariums | January 16

Use small water-loving plants like ferns and mosses to create a terrarium to remind you of warmer climes during winter! Also learn unusual ways to incorporate favorite houseplants into interior mini-scapes. Instructor: Laura Anne Brooks.

Basic Floral Design, Part 1: January 17, 22, 24, 29, 31 OR February 19, 21, 26, 28, March 5

Learn how to create the basic shapes and styles of floral designs—the building blocks for true creativity. This course will introduce you to techniques and styles commonly used by professionals. Learn preparation techniques, how to create basic shapes, and how to prepare flowers for long-lasting arrangements.  Instructor: Mimi Cassick

Floral Design with Tropicals | January 23, 30

Brighten up gray winter days with tropical flowers and greens. Instructor Mimi Cassick shows you how to create stunning, designs with these exotic materials.

Arranging for the Altar | January 26

Designer David Pippin helps you learn how to design and execute exciting and long-lasting arrangements for religious settings that are also appropriate and inexpensive. After demonstrating various formats, David helps you create an arrangement.

Arranging with Market Bouquets | January 28 OR February 4

Learn how to take a standard market bouquet and make it your own creation. David Pippin shares tips and composition guidelines, and also how to examine your flowers for freshness and longevity.

Naturalistic Designs: Winter Wonderland | February 5, 12

Don’t underestimate the possibilities for arranging in the bleak of winter! This elective will explore the bounty of materials a cold landscape can offer including lichen covered branches, mosses, stones and evergreen foliage mixed with a limited palette of florist flowers and minimal floral mechanics.  Instructor: Mary Garner Mitchell

Floral Design in the Asian Manner | February 20

The textures and colors of the winter landscape lend themselves to the refined line and minimalism of Asian-style floral design. Instructor Laura Anne Brooks shows you how to blend material from the winter garden with florist materials.

Lunchtime Lecture: Arranging from the Winter Garden | February 27

David Pippin looks to the winter garden for a surprising selection of color, line, and texture with which to design, highlighted with a thoughtful selection of floral materials. Includes lecture/demonstration and a buffet lunch.

Miniatures Workshop | March 11

Miniature arrangements bring their own set of challenges to floral design. Instructor David Pippin helps you understand how scale and proportion are affected by the surrounding space and container for the arrangement, and how to choose flowers appropriate for these tiny delights.

Basic Floral Design, Part 2 | March 19, 21, 28, April 2, 4 OR April 16, 18, 23, 25, 30

This class continues Mimi Cassick’s beginning class: expand your knowledge of composition, cut flower preparation, and mechanics for various types of arrangements.


The Spring/Summer 2019 season of classes will publish on April 3, 2019.

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