Floral Design Classes

Learn the art of floral design and flower arranging through hands-on workshops and demonstrations.  Courses include traditional and modern styles of floral art and instruction in a variety of settings, ranging from step-by-step classes to sophisticated workshops and programs.

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Class Schedule
April-August 2019

Basic Courses

Basic Floral Design, Part 2 | April 16, 18, 23, 25, 30

This class continues Mimi Cassick’s beginning class: expand your knowledge of composition, cut flower preparation, and mechanics for various types of arrangements.

The Nuts and Bolts of Floral Design | May 14, 16, 21, 23

Continue exploring elements and principles of design with instructor Mimi Cassick and how they apply in floral design. Learn how to plan floral designs or arrangements from how to choose your flowers and how many to buy, to how to create a theme.

Basic Floral Design, Part 1 | August 6, 8, 13, 15, 20

Learn how to create the basic shapes and styles of floral designs—the building blocks for true creativity. This course will introduce you to techniques and styles commonly used by professionals. Learn preparation techniques, how to create basic shapes, and how to prepare flowers for long-lasting arrangements. Instructor: Mimi Cassick

Hands-On Workshops

Mimi Cassick

Designing for a Theme | June 11

Take a handful of props, select a theme, and create a design to match. Props and floral materials provided.

Natural Design Styles | July 9, 16

Add a new dimension to your floral design toolbox by learning how to use floral materials to mimic a landscape in miniature.

David Pippin

Back to the Future: Arranging Without Floral Foam | June 24

David Pippin demonstrates floral design techniques to create arrangements that use recyclable or reusable mechanics to retain their shape, then guides you to make your own design to take home.

Play with Your Food: Fruits and Vegetables | July 16

David Pippin demonstrates creative ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into summery floral designs for added color and a touch of whimsy; then you get to play, too.

Arranging with Local Flowers | August 15

Learn what materials can be found locally, and, as a plus, learn techniques to stabilize your arrangements without the use of floral foam or other petroleum-based products.

Container Challenge: Working with Awkward Containers | September 10

Have a container you love but just can’t make it work for a floral design? Bring your most irritating container (restrictions apply) and work with David to outsmart your design blues.


Lunchtime Lecture: Dueling Designers Do Toys | May 28

Dueling designers David Pippin and Al Brockwell take on the challenge of incorporating toys into floral designs. Watch Al and David play around with a variety of challenges.  Lunch included!


The summer/fall 2019 season of classes will publish on July 31, 2019.

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