Resources Available at the Lora Robins Library

The Library provides reference assistance to all visitors, and members may check books out.  We use our collection of books on world flora, landscape design, plant care and culture, and gardening history to answer questions and satisfy curiosity about the world of botany and horticulture.

The HortHelpline will answer your gardening questions, or connect you with a source who can provide an answer. Library staff and volunteers respond to phone, email and in-person requests. Routine questions about pruning, growing conditions and propagation are often answered the same day. Some complex questions and plant identifications may require more time.

Persons requesting a plant identification can email digital photographs to [email protected]. Live specimens should be brought to the Library in a sealed plastic bag containing complete contact information for the requester. Please do not bring diseased plant material to the garden. For all pest and disease questions please contact your local Virginia Cooperative Extension Service.

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Visit our Library page to find out what the Lora Robins Library offers visitors to the Garden.

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