Apr 15th, 2012

Lewis Ginter Library Volunteer Has Big Plans to Help RVA Enjoy Nature

 by Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Paul Keefer is a man in a hurry to take a walk.  A long walk from Rockett’s Landing to the western tip of Belle Isle to be specific.  Paul grew to love waterside recreation during his years living in Switzerland from 1995 to 2000.  He believes the James River has everything needed for outdoor enjoyment equal to that he found in Switzerland.  To kick off his walking trail idea, he called a meeting for like-minded walkers to gather on March 18 at the Virginia Boat Club at Rockett’s Landing.  Turnout was sparse at the March 18 kick-off, but Paul is undeterred.  He knows things move slowly in Richmond and isn’t letting inertia stand in the way of his vision.  Paul believes that “as more and different people see the possibilities, a fairly large group just might decide to help influence what happens.  Conversion of some kind is coming.  Critical mass has been reached. Walking it, just one time, might be enough to feed your imagination and inspire you to get excited by what Richmond is becoming.”
Paul asks that like-minded nature walkers join him for the next outing on Sunday, April 29, at 10 a.m., at the Rockett’s Boat Landing. And Paul wants to hear from those who have ideas and energy to contribute to his plan whether or not you can join him on the 29th. “Pushing new ideas can be lonely!  And pass this information along.”  Paul can be reached at prsgkeefer [at] aol.com.  And he can be found volunteering in the library at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden on the 4th Sunday of each month, where he stays inside.

To read more about Paul’s trail vision,  you can check out the recent Richmond Outside story by Andy Thompson.


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