Feb 14th, 2021

Love Letters to Nature

Are you writing love letters to anyone special this Valentine’s Day? Remember that love isn’t just about romance! Love includes being grateful for those who bring you joy, whether that’s a partner, friend or family member. Thankfulness shouldn’t be reserved for people, though. Have you considered writing a love letter to nature?

Giant Love Letters made out of Garden tools at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Image by Tom Hennessy

Image by Tom Hennessy

Starting today (February 14, 2021) you are invited to write a love letter to whatever in nature inspires you. “Send” your love letters by dropping them in one of our colorful mailboxes on your next visit to the Garden. These mailboxes, painted by local artist Laura Flournoy, who also happens to work in Admissions, welcoming you to the Garden and answering your questions. The boxes are located at the Conservatory’s West Wing Cottage and near the “LOVE Letters” sculpture.

We are collecting your love letters until mid-May, so don’t worry if you don’t make it here by Valentine’s Day! It’s never too late for love!

When you write your love letter,  Exhibitions Manager Ellyn Parker says you may want to think about how the earth has healed and restored you, and express gratitude. She had the idea for this passionate project when she recognized how healing spending time in nature had been in her own life. Ellyn explains that “expressing gratitude is an act of healing in itself.”

A love letter, addressed to Mother Nature, is being put into a mailbox at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

“Sending” a love letter to Mother Nature. Love the mailbox? It was painted by Visitor Services Associate Laura Flournoy!  Image by Abby Reasor

No, it doesn’t matter if you misspell a word or use the wrong “there.” In fact, you don’t have to use any words if you’d rather draw a picture. There are no rules! Writing love letters to Mother Nature is just about the process of saying thanks.

Do you have a favorite tree, flower or bird? That would be a great place to start. Ellyn is going to write her letter to the root systems that connect our trees and world. She is thankful that nature gives her the “ability to step away and realize you’re part of something bigger.”

My Love Letter: Thank you, Sun

The sun shines through tree branches. Image by Tom Hennessy

Image by Tom Hennessy

Still don’t know what you should write your love letter about? I had to think about it for a while myself. Here’s what I came up with:

Few things in life are certain, but I am thankful that every day the sun will rise and fall.

I wish I could soak in her rays as a daffodil. We could chat as I photosynthesized and leaned toward her as if asking for a hug. Or maybe I’d rather be a lizard, sleeping peacefully on a warm rock under her rays.

Without the sun’s help, I’d never experience the sweetness of strawberries or the crunchiness of carrots. She makes sure we have the energy we need to work, play and live. Sometimes the sun plays hide-and-seek behind the clouds, but I appreciate that she will come back eventually. She turns my skin all pink when I spend too much time with her!

The sun says hello each morning, smiling down as the world wakes up. She puts on a show as she says farewell, filling the sky with purples, oranges and reds. While I know that she’ll be back tomorrow, I try not to take her gifts for granted. Thank you, Sun, for everything you do.

Now it’s your turn to write! Stay tuned to our social media channels where we will be featuring some of our favorite love letters to nature.

When you visit, please remember that all tickets must be prepurchased before coming to the Garden. Tickets are available online only.

About Abby Reasor

Abby Reasor is a PR & Marketing Intern at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. She aims to use her passion for writing to serve the mission of the Garden. Abby is studying communications with a concentration in public relations at VCU.

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