Jul 16th, 2020

Your Safety is Our Priority

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is excited to welcome you back! As an outdoor attraction with 50 acres of gardens, there’s plenty of room for social distancing during this time of COVID-19. Your safety is our priority and there are a number of adjustments with this in mind.

Staff waves hello in front of the Visitors Center

Garden staff have been carefully planning the reopening for months, with your safety as our top priority.

The only indoor area you’ll encounter is the Visitors Center. Procedures are in place to ensure entry is quick, carefully controlled, and as contactless as possible. Here are some of the ways we’re putting safety first:

  1. Controlled Ticketing: all tickets are available online ONLY (no walk-ups); the best link to purchase tickets is through our Visit Planner page. Tickets are limited in number and timed for entry at half-hour intervals. This allows the Garden to effectively manage the number of guests at any given time, making your safety our priority.

    Phone with Garden tickets on it because your safety is our priority

    You can scan your ticket from your phone or a printout.

  2. Masks are required indoors at all times and outdoors when 6-foot social distancing is not possible. Exceptions: children under age 5 and those with medical conditions (if so, please physically distance at all times for the safety of all).

    Directional arrows in the Garden are one example of how your safety is our priorty

    A one-way route takes you through the Visitors Center and helps prevent guests crossing paths.

  3. Social Distancing and One-Way Flow: the entrance and exit are separate. Entrance is through the Visitors Center and stanchions and signage indicate social distancing and one-way flow. This helps prevent guests from crossing paths indoors.
    The admissions area at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

    Guests will scan their own tickets and members will also scan their own membership cards.

    Guests scan their own tickets and staff at the admissions desk are behind plexiglass barriers. Once outside in the gardens, there are more than 50 acres on the 80-acre property for guests to socially distance and enjoy. The exit is through an exterior side gate next to the Garden Shop.

    Garden Exit and Garden Shop

    The Garden exit is now through a side gate, or you can exit through the Garden Shop.

  4. Some Areas Closed: indoor features and high-touch areas in the Children’s Garden (including WaterPlay and the Klaus Family Tree House) are closed. Restrooms are open.

    Guests visiting Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

    While most indoor areas are closed, restrooms are open and there are more than 50 acres of themed gardens to explore.

  5. Deep Cleaning: the Garden has reduced the number of days that it is open, allowing a couple of days for deep cleaning per week and allowing any potential contamination to dissipate. Cleaning is according to Centers for Disease Control guidelines and includes frequent, regular cleaning throughout the day. There is a regular rotation of cleaning public restrooms, including sanitizing wipe down of high-touch areas. The admissions teams sanitizes kiosks before each business day and during the day as allowed with visitor flow. The Garden has hand sanitizer on-site, but also encourages guests to bring their own. You may want to bring your own water or water bottle, too. Touchless water bottle filling stations are operational, but water fountains are not available.

    Online food order ready for pick up at the Tea House because your safety is our priority

    Order food online before you arrive and you can time your food pick-up at the Tea House with your arrival. You can also order food and drinks online while you are in the Garden.

  6. Dining & Online Food: guests can order food and drinks online for pick up at the Tea House and dining outdoors in the Garden (however, food is not allowed to be brought into the Garden). Orders can be placed in advance or when guests are in the Garden. Please note, online ordering is not available during Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights, but restaurant dining (by reservation) and Grab & Go food will be available.
  7. Shopping: The Garden Shop in the Visitors Center is operating under safety guidelines set by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Centers for Disease Control. All guests must have an admissions ticket to gain access to the  Shop. Those who wish to visit the Shop have the option to do that when exiting the gardens, as the exit gate is right next to the Shop.
Guest near the Rose Garden

Visitors enjoying the Garden.

The Garden has many themed garden areas to explore and even a few surprises like fairy houses along the Tree Trail in the Children’s Garden!  To learn more about the Garden, including measures ensuring your safety is our priority, take a look at our Visit Planner. You can even get a sneak peek with this brief video overview. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Updated 4/30/21

About Beth Monroe

Beth Monroe is public relations and marketing director at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. She feels honored to be part of a team connecting people and plants to improve our community.

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