Dec 9th, 2012

A Pickle on Each Christmas Tree

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The pickle comes in 2 sizes. This one is the large  -- $4.95. The smaller one is even harder to find on the tree

The pickle ornament. $4.95 each.

Does your family hide a pickle on your Christmas Tree? You don’t?  Maybe it’s time to start a new tradition! The person who finds it gets an extra present or a year of good fortune.  What a fun way to start out Christmas morning!  This, and other great ornaments are for sale in the Garden Shop.

pickle story

The famous pickle story.

Jonah Holland is PR & Marketing Coordinator at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, specializing in social media. She's been known to go for a walk, and come back completely inspired to write a blog post on her newest found adventure.

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