Nov 7th, 2013

The Beauty of Seasons Changing

West Island Garden, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Fall in West Island Garden. I love this shot because the brother and sister trees dominate the vista.

By Jasmine Kent, PR & Marketing Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

When I applied for the PR & Marketing internship at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in early September, the weather was still peaking  at 90 degrees many days.  I thought, “Hey, this may be cool. I’ll be outside in the sun all day, enjoying the beautiful blooms.”  But before I knew it, it was fall with cool, crisp weather. I knew fall called  for beautiful foliage and cool air, but I didn’t realize we’d also have fall blooms.

When people ask, “How do you like interning at the Garden?” I reply with enthusiasm, mentioning how it is not only a learning experience, but a chance to enjoy nature in a way I never would, especially now that the seasons are changing .

Soon, I will be doing some season changing of my own. I’m not sure what’s next, but in December, I will be graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a degree in Public Relations, and returning home, to Silver Spring, Md.

Like in my personal life, the seasons at the Garden are changing quickly and I have to make sure I cherish the moment. Reflecting on previous years at VCU, It seems like fall slips away during the time school starts in late summer and when the semester ends in winter. It’s like the seasons change overnight, and fall is this mystery in between. Interning at the Garden, I am able to step back and enjoy the beauty.  Here are some of the beauty breaks I have taken this fall:


Goldenrod; Solidago

Beauty Berry

Beauty Berries (Callicarpa)  found outside of the Healing Garden.

Narrow leaf sunflower

Narrow Leaf Sunflower (Helianthus angustifolius)

Flagler Garden Lawn Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Flagler Garden Lawn

Pond in the Woodland Walk

Every day I walk through the Woodland Walk, I made sure I captured a moment for memories.

Rose Garden Lawn at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The Rose Garden terraced lawn.

Fall Foliage

Fall foliage just outside the Grace Arents Garden.

Pumpkins by the firepit in the Children's Garden at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Pumpkins by the firepit in the Children’s Garden.

What better way to end my years in Richmond than to intern at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

About Jasmine Kent

Jasmine Kent is a former PR & Marketing Intern,

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