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Big Bugs

Did you know that 75% of the earth’s flowering plants and over 70% of its food crops depend on pollinators to thrive? Think about a world without coffee and chocolate?! That’s pretty powerful! This summer, we are putting the spotlight on bugs and birds in a BIG way. Artist David Rogers’ Big Bugs: The Pollinators showcases larger-than-life sculptures highlighting the importance of pollinators and preserving their habitats.

Pollinator Power -- Big Bugs by Dave Rogers.Visitors of all ages and abilities will explore the wonder and craftsmanship of these nine oversized pollinator sculptures created from combinations of found or fallen whole trees, willow limbs, twigs, branches and other forest material. Discover giant ladybugs on a branch, a 17-foot tall daddy longlegs,  a giant dragonfly, a beautiful hummingbird and more!

Friday, May 27, 2022
Sunday, August 28, 2022
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Included with Garden admission

About Big BugsPollinator Power -- Big Bugs by Dave Rogers.
Since its debut in 1994, the Big Bugs exhibit has traveled all across the USA. It consistently brings in swarms of new audiences providing a visually stunning platform for educational programs and interactions.

Join us for fun family activities in the Children’s Garden where you can learn how to do the bee dance and participate in our Butterflies LIVE! KidQuest or Bee KidQuest. Pick up a copy in the Conservatory, or download and print your own Butterfly KidQuest (PDF) or  Bee KidQuest (PDF).