Sep 30th, 2011

October Oddities Begins with Weird Plant Lore

by Garrett McLees Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, PR & Marketing Intern

In my last post, I wrote about my journey to the Children’s Garden, and my short vacation to the tree house in the Children’s  Garden. I also introduced Gourd Quest, the exclusive gourd-themed segment of Kids Quest held at the Children’s Garden throughout the month of October. Now, I want to bring you the news on  Weird Plant Lore — our first event in a month-long exploration of October Oddities, starting tomorrow.

Because this weekend is both Rose Fest and October Oddities  we’ll feature activities on both days.  So for the first October Oddities event, Weird Plant Lore, you will have two opportunities to join in the fun,  Saturday from 10 am. to 3 p.m.  and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.

I spoke with Suzanna Stone, of Sacred Plant Traditions, to find out a little more about what she has planned for her demonstration. Stone will be teaching us about the healing benefits of roses.  She says, “Roses have a long and historical and mythological tradition. Originally from Asia, they have traveled the world and become renowned for their ability to ease sadness, heal the heart, nourish and sooth the skin and provide overall health…”

Stone says she’s  excited to share lots of activities with our visitors — making rose beads with clay and dried rose petals, powdering herbs with a mortar and pestle, and sampling rose petal tea.

Our other guest is Sabrina Walters, owner of Umami Tea. After speaking with Walters, I learned that many herbal teas contain rose petals, and others contain rose hips. Rose hips are considered the fruit of a rose.  Rose hips have high levels of vitamin C, which strengthen the immune system, and also contain other healing properties.  Walters will have samples of several teas if you’d like to sample a few and learn more about teas blended with rose hips.

Both Walters and Stone will have their displays set-up in the Rose Garden this weekend, but don’t forget to drop by the Children’s Garden. There is a special Investigation Station themed activity for Weird Plant Lore being held in the Children’s Garden. With the help our our  Children’s Garden staff, kids will be making tissue paper roses with pipe cleaners and can add a finishing touch to their creation with a spritz of rose water. The featured book for the Investigation Station is Wanda’s Roses by Pat Brisson. While you’re in the Children’s Garden don’t forget to pick up a scavenger hunt sheet and try out Gourd Quest, the gourd-themed segment of Kid’s Quest that makes its debut tomorrow.

After this weekend, October Oddities will continue each Saturday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., so stay tuned for more information on October Oddities events. The Garden has a lot planned for this weekend, so I hope that you decide to join us this weekend for Rose Fest, and the kick-off October Oddities event, Weird Plant Lore.


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