Apr 24th, 2012

Potatoes in Progress

by Albert Brian Vick,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Community Kitchen Garden Coordinator

With the help of volunteers Laurel & Yevonne on Saturday, the potato patch in the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden received some TLC. Weeding, mulching & feeding were the primary tasks. Laurel & Yevonne also started four trays of seedlings for the garden.

We were delighted to confirm this wasn't a Colorado Potato Beetle.

Yevonne tackles the hand-weeding.Laurel cleans up the trenches with the scuffle hoe.Laurel & Yevonne feed the spudlings a little fish emulsion tea.

We were delighted to confirm this wasn’t a Colorado Potato Beetle.

Jonah Holland is PR & Marketing Coordinator at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, specializing in social media. She's been known to go for a walk, and come back completely inspired to write a blog post on her newest found adventure.

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