Apr 10th, 2014

“Wait — That’s a Daffodil?!”

by Phyllis Laslett, Adult Education CoordinatorLewis Ginter Botanical Garden

“Wait—that’s a daffodil?!”


Variations on that remark were heard many times this weekend at the 21st annual Virginia Daffodil Show as Garden visitors wandered through more than 1,264 blooms on view in the Education and Library Complex.

Why were people saying that?


We all know that this is a daffodil:

traditional daffodil


But this  Narcissis  ‘Acropolis’ is a daffodil too.

Narcissus Acropolis

Narcissus ‘Acropolis’


And so is this

Narcissus 'Precocious'

Narcissus ‘Precocious’ blooming in the Children’s Garden


Narcissus  ‘Precocious’ blooming in the Children’s Garden


Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle'

Narcissus ‘Rip van Winkle’


And this  Narcissus ‘Rip van Winkle’

…and on and on.


daffodils in bloom at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

There are great sweeps and clumps of all kinds of daffodils blooming throughout the Garden right now—come out and meet some.


If you missed the daffodil show this year, mark the first weekend in April for next year.


Other plant shows are coming up where you can also say That’s an African Violet?!’ and  ‘That’s a daylily?!’


Thank you to our friends at Brent and Becky’s Bulbs for images of ‘Acropolis’ and ‘Rip van Winkle’


Jonah Holland is Digital Content Manager at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, where she has worked for 14 years overseeing social media, the blog, and the website. She is also a mom, yogi, open water swimmer, gardener, and seeker. She's been known to go for a walk in the Garden and come back with hundreds of plant photos, completely inspired to write her next blog post.

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