Elisa Bennett

Elisa Bennett grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to Richmond to pursue a degree in Spanish and Education. With high hopes of moving out west upon graduation, she surprised herself when she instead accepted a job teaching Spanish and decided to stay in the area. Over a decade later - her journey has taken her to over 14 different countries and given her a priceless perspective on enjoying the simple things in life or what she likes to call, “Sacred Ordinary Days.” She currently works as the Program Coordinator with The Chrysalis Institute, a non-profit that helps individuals explore age-old questions in new ways. She can often be found on a trail along the James River with her dog Señor, making crafts at home, cooking up a new recipe, saving seeds, pausing throughout the day to have mindful moments and doing yoga while also mustering up the courage -- to start her own backyard garden.

Dec 31st, 2017

Gardening with Ginter Urban Gardeners

Making a Difference One Garden at Time The day I decided to browse the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden website beyond the home page felt very serendipitous. Inspired by the recent Garden Times newsletter that arrived in my mailbox, I decided to reacquaint myself with the Garden. As I browsed, I stumbled across information on the Urban […]

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