Nov 13th, 2008

Gardening Blogs Come of Age

Susan Harris, one of the bloggers over at Garden Rant,  was recently featured in the Baltimore Sun in an article on the prevalence of — you guessed it — garden blogs.  Yes, it is true the article points out, that this may seem like a strange match at first, but actually it makes sense. (We already knew this).

I’m glad the Garden Rant is getting some exposure. If  you love gardening and haven’t heard of it, check it out. The writing is fun, sassy,  smart and interesting.  I mean where else are you going to get to read about old bulbs and what happens to them when the season ends and no one has bought them, and have it be interesting? And in the same week get to read  about the taboo of a book that is….

the joint effort of a plant geneticist and an organic farmer, who happen to be married so presumably have found some common ground, at least so they’re not going to bed angry every night.

Plus, they just added on one of our Gardening in and Era of Climate Change symposium keynote speakers, to their ranks. Smart folks!  Allan Armitage, who will speak here, at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, in February on  sustainability and successful plant from his world-famous Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia is now the fifth member of Garden Rant.

Garden blogs are the new sliced bread. Which is great news, because as one person in the  Baltimore Sun article points out:

I probably would never have thought about buying worm poop until I read about it on a garden blog.

Jonah Holland is Digital Content Manager at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, where she has worked for 14 years overseeing social media, the blog, and the website. She is also a mom, yogi, open water swimmer, gardener, and seeker. She's been known to go for a walk in the Garden and come back with hundreds of plant photos, completely inspired to write her next blog post.

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