Jul 25th, 2022

Memories of the Garden

Growing up in Richmond, I used to visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in the summertime with my aunt and younger cousins. Years later, I returned to the Garden as a Public Relations Intern. Coming here each day, I feel so lucky to work at one of the prettiest places in the world! This job has allowed me to reintroduce myself to the beauty of the Garden and all the memories that come with it.

Sasha and Evelyn in front of the blue butterfly

My cousin, Sasha, and I in front of the blue butterfly, 2015.

Sasha, Benjamin, and Evelyn in front of the Conservatory

My cousins, Sasha and Benjamin, and I in front of the Conservatory.


Childhood Memories 

Every time I stroll through the winding paths, I am reminded that so much has changed over the years. Now I see new and exciting things, like David Rogers’ Big Bugs exhibit. At the same time, there’s a sense of warmth and familiarity from all the memories I have made here.
On one of my first days as an intern, I saw the giant blue butterfly with its wings spread out, sitting on the lawn near the Conservatory. I could almost perfectly envision posing for a photo with my cousin in front of the same bright blue wings years before. Walking through the Children’s Garden, I remember being scared to climb the mulberry tree (Morus rubra) but watching my cousins fearlessly explore its thick, sturdy limbs. I also recall how we visited the Klaus Family Tree House to appreciate the view of the Garden spread out before us.

A New Appreciation for the Garden

As an intern, I’ve had the privilege of familiarizing myself with the Garden on an even deeper level. Before starting this job, I knew nothing about gardening. Through my work in the Garden, I’ve gained much knowledge about various plants. I learned about how they grow, and I even improved my ability to research and identify the plants I come across! In addition, I’ve seen how much care and effort it takes to cultivate the Garden. I’ve come to appreciate our volunteers, horticulturists, and everyone else in the Garden community. They work behind the scenes, in ways that I never realized before, to make this place the beautiful garden attraction that everyone loves.

I know I will leave this internship with a newfound admiration of the Garden as a space where people can make memories and enjoy the vibrancy of the natural world.

Evelyn is a public relations intern at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. A junior at Christopher Newport University, she is majoring in English and minoring in psychology and journalism. As an intern, Evelyn hopes to become more knowledgeable about plants and nature while also expanding on her media skills.

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