Jun 18th, 2017

Cooking Demo: Honey

Chef Anne cooking demonstration

Chef Anne Maury Haapala on work, motherhood and her upcoming honey cooking demo

This week I met with Executive Chef, Anne Maury Haapala who has recently returned to her roll with Meriwether Godsey after the birth of her son Jacks.   We discussed her little one, being a working mom and her upcoming cooking demo, the Lunchtime Lecture: All Abuzz About Honey coming up on June 28, 2017.

MSC:  What are you most enjoying about being back at work?

AMH: I love watching my staff and seeing how much they grew while I was away.  They took on more responsibilities and became a stronger unit.  I’m really proud of my team!

MSC: Tell me about your new little guy…

AMH: Jacks is my little man!  He’s four months old today and is such a happy baby.  He was 10 lbs. when he was born and is still a big guy, great eater and has been a great sleeper from the start.  He’s my best friend for life!

MSC:  How are you adjusting to being a working mom?

AMH: It’s challenging, especially since both my husband and I are chefs who normally work long hours.  Meriwether Godsey has been great about allowing me to work a 9-5 shift, allowing me to spend time with my little man in the evenings. 

honey lunchtime lectureMSC: Are you looking forward to your upcoming Lunchtime Lecture and cooking demo on June 28th?

AMH: I love doing these demonstrations and would do one a week if I could!

MSC: Tell me about your menu plans for the Lunchtime Lecture: All Abuzz About Honey theme.

AMH:  I’d like to start with a grilled peach and mozzarella salad with a honey-infused dressing.  For the protein items, I’m planning a honey-mustard and soy glazed salmon along with honey-glazed pork ribs.  We’ll also have honey-yeast rolls, a vegetable and lavender-honey goat cheese fritters.  For dessert, I’d like to do rice pudding with fresh pears and honey because the pears have been looking really nice. 

MSC: You always seem to include such wonderful tips and tricks for the home chef.  Do you have any thoughts about what you hope to cover during cooking demo?

Chef Anne Maury Hapaala during a cooking demoAMH:  I’ve got some helpful tips about how to work with honey. Handling ribs can be intimidating for the home chef.  I’d like to cover how to break down ribs and how to prepare them in the oven for those times when the weather is bad or when you don’t have access to a smoker.  I’m also planning to talk about how best to cook fish and which cooking tools work best. 

MSC:  Is there anything else that you are really excited about for the upcoming demo?

AMH: I’ve been speaking with Bob Stapleton, local honeybee expert.  Bob is providing a number of honey samples showing the different varieties of honey for us to taste, which should be really fun and interesting!

Learn all the tips and tricks that Anne has to share during the Lunchtime Lecture: All Abuzz About Honey on Wednesday, June 28, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.  Find out details and register online using the link above or call (804) 262-9887 x320.

Megan Compton is the Adult Education Assistant at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children, gardening, reading and studying history.

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