Aug 18th, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Elizabeth Sonifrank, Community Kitchen Garden Research Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Community Kitchen Garden yield chart

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We are now starting into our third month of harvesting here at the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden. We have delivered a large variety of vegetables to FeedMore, totaling 3,600 pounds of fresh produce as of August 9. This is over 1/3 of our 10,000-pound goal at about halfway through our production season. Our total production is trailing behind the previous 2 years, partially due to the very wet summer we have had. This is also due to a decrease in the total number of tomato and zucchini plants this year. We needed to reduce the amount of space dedicated to those two plant families (Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae) in order to implement a proper crop rotation cycle. Although we’ve reduced the scale of those two plant families, we’ve grown a larger variety and quantity of other vegetables.

Our yield stars this season seem to be the cherry tomatoes and eggplant. We have delivered over 400 pounds of cherry tomatoes in the past 6 weeks (listed under tomatoes in the graph below). Our eggplant are just getting started, and we have already taken 528 pounds over 5 weeks.

Community Kitchen Garden yield totals comparison

*** Click on the image to see the graph in a larger format.

About Brian Vick

Brian Vick was Community Kitchen Garden Coordinator from 2008-2013.

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  • This is fantastic! I would love to know how many of each type of plant you planted! For example, how many tomato plants have produced the 400 pounds you’ve harvested to date? and for the other types of veggies too!

    Also, I’ve had a terrible time this year with squash vine borers (I don’t use pesticides) …. how do you keep vine borers from your zucchini and squash?

    • Those are great questions. Ones best directed to Elizabeth Sonifrank, Community Kitchen Garden Research Intern, and Brian Vick, Community Kitchen Garden Coordinator. I’ll have them respond soon. ~Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator

  • Community Kitchen Garden Coordinator Brian Vick responds: This summer we planted the following varieties of tomatoes (quantities noted in parentheses; followed by pounds-to-date):
    Jasper cherry (44 plants; 501 lbs. ), Roma – Granadero (56 plants; 166 lbs.), Better Boy (117 plants) & Beefsteak (55 plants) (263 lbs. of the “slicing ” tomatoes), Purple Calabash – Monticello (9; 0). While those quantities sound significant, we’ve had a rough season for tomato production, between the fungal problems, fruitworms, and birds/squirrels/groundhogs. The Romas did OK, but the Jasper cherry tomatoes have been the surprise star performer.
    About the squash vine borers, you are in luck! We wrote an entire blog post on that last year. Here’s the link: