Jul 31st, 2018

Tips for Wanna’ Be Nature Photographers

photo of bald eagle in flight

Outstanding nature photography takes knowledge and practice. Image by Lynda Richardson.

Capturing nature in the camera lens takes practice plus knowledge.

5 Photography Tips:

Become well acquainted with your camera. Read the manual thoroughly with the camera in hand, and practice features as you learn about them. Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop and figure out how your camera works, especially at a decisive moment.

Learn how to SEE! How does light fall on your subject? When is the best light of the day? Would the subject look better with or without shadows? Can you change the light by adding flash?

Understand the principles of composition. Placing your subject in the center of the frame is a beginner’s no-no! Don’t be afraid to get low and/or change your camera angle.

Learn how to control depth-of-field and shutter speed for getting great exposures. It’s a juggling act to capture the best photograph if you don’t understand these important tools.

SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT and then, SHOOT SOME MORE. You’ll never get better unless you practice, practice, practice … and take chances. Evaluate what you’ve done. Ask for advice and accept critiques from fellow photographers. Look at other photographers’ work for ideas and ways you can improve.

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Text and photo contributed by Lynda Richardson, noted environmental photojournalist and art director for Virginia Wildlife magazine. Richardson has also served as an instructor at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

Japanese anemone (Anemone hupehensis) buds,

Japanese anemone (Anemone hupehensis) buds, as captured by photography instructor Tom Hennessy.


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