Dec 6th, 2023

Experience the Work of 2024 Artist in Residence Kyle M Epps at GardenFest

Kyle M Epps at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Artist Kyle M Epps with their work, “Rhythms of Light Uje Wepinasow,” on display during Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights 2023-24. photo by Beth Anne Booth

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is excited to announce contemporary, multi-disciplinary artist and educator Kyle M Epps as the 2024 Artist in Residence. A native of Richmond and graduate of VCU, Kyle is renowned for their “freestyle painting” technique and is particularly passionate about collaborative art projects. From the artist, “Ultimately, my art is a celebration of our shared humanity and a reminder that, no matter our challenges or differences, we can always find strength and healing through coming together.”

To celebrate their residency, Kyle’s work Rhythms of Light Uje Wepinasow will be on display throughout Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights. “Rhythms of Light Uje Wepinasow is a cloth offering to the spirits of central Virginia painted in spectacle at one of Richmond’s most iconic locations, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden,” they say. “The illuminated tapestry of symbols, marks, and movements scribed outdoors for three days in an Uje [a Dogan (Dogon) word for “being-time”] state mourns and honors the area’s Indigenous, diasporic, immigrant and mixed cultural histories. Glowing with life and flowing with the rhythm of the land like an Aurora Borealis, this re-imagined Wepinasow (an Algonquian word for ‘cloth offering to the spirits’) uplifts spirits on the shortest days while preluding new ones.”


Rhythms of Light Uje Wepinasow at night. photos by Michelle Israel

Kyle’s residency, which will run from April to September, will comprise onsite projects including public works, classes, and exhibitions. Learn more about Kyle M Epps at, where you can also watch a video of the artist creating Rhythms of Light Uje Wepinasow. 

Leigh Crandall is the marketing and communications writer for the Garden.

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