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Feb 23rd, 2015

Volunteer Manager Darlene Van Laan Retires

by Jonah Holland,  Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Earlier this month longtime staff member  Darlene Van Laan retired.  Van Laan has been Volunteer Manager at the Garden for 11 years,  and over that time has ushered in hundreds of new volunteers at the Garden and made them feel the love of this place in […]

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Jan 17th, 2015

Volunteers Who Give, and Give…..

We’d like to announce Gary McNutt as the January Volunteer of the Month. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden has over 600 volunteers and each month we take time out to recognize one. The Volunteer of the Month gets the honor of parking in a special space in our parking lot, a gift certificate to the Garden […]

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Dec 31st, 2014

Winter Work: 30-degrees & Garden Tricks

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden On my walk into the office this morning I was having trouble staying warm.  It was only 30 degrees — but for an office-dweller like me, it seemed frigid. My hands were so cold they wouldn’t work properly and I was having trouble taking photos […]

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Dec 23rd, 2014

Crafts from the Past: The Beauty of Victorian Ornaments

by Megan Compton, Adult Education Assistant,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden   As member of the staff at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, it has been so exciting to see what happens behind the scenes during preparations for Dominion’s GardenFest of Lights.  Each year, I look forward to hearing about the next theme and what Garden staff members […]

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Dec 18th, 2014

Can You Buy Happiness?

Can you buy happiness? That’s a great question. And timely too. It’s easy to get caught up in the holidays. Each year I tell my kids we’ll have a small Christmas and that we’ll save money for things that really matter — like a trip to California or Canada, or even trombone lessons.  Inside I […]

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Dec 6th, 2014

Find the Perfect Gift for Your Gardener

By Kate Pyle, PR and Marketing Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden As each day in December passes, the holidays tiptoe closer and closer. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t finished your shopping yet. Worse, if you are me, it means you haven’t even started shopping yet — yikes! I better get started… The clock is […]

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Nov 17th, 2014

The Low Down on the Low Line

by Randee Humphrey, Director of Education, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Join us at the Garden this coming Wednesday evening (November 19, from 5 – 7 pm.), when Beautiful RVA (the Garden’s community engagement initiative) brings you the low down on the Low Line.  The visionary folks from Capital Trees (Jeanette McKittrick, Meg Turner, Susan Robertson), joined […]

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Nov 11th, 2014

Legacy: Bicycle "Craze" Hits Richmond Again

by Shane Tippett, Executive Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden   120 years ago, Richmond was swept up in a national “bicycle craze.” The popularity of cycling soared with the arrival of safe, affordable bicycles, available to all ages and genders. The fervor of the times prompted changes in the activities of women and their fashions, spurred communities to […]

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Oct 30th, 2014

Where Did Lewis Ginter’s Money Go?

By Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Lewis Ginter died in 1897, at age 73, from complications of diabetes. The local newspapers of the day, The Times and The Dispatch, were filled with detailed obituaries covering his entire career and stories of his many acts of kindness and benevolence. His entire will was printed […]

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Oct 20th, 2014

Member Monday: A Note From a Fan

Cathy Hoyt, Guest Blogger & Member, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden September was my first anniversary as a Member of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. I was a bit hesitant at first. Should I join? Should I wait a bit longer?? Will I use it?? I just wanted to post that my membership has been of the […]

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Sep 22nd, 2014

Meet Assistant Facility Events Coordinator Sarah Neely

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Editor’s note:  We love you to meet our new staff members. You, our biggest fans, get the inside scoop on who’s new to the Garden, and learn a little something about how we got here and why we love to work here too. Hope you’ll […]

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Sep 8th, 2014

Love in a Puff: Volunteering in the Children's Garden

By Nicki, Youth Programs Developer, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden     Volunteers in the Children’s Garden collect Cardiospermum halicacabum (also known as love-in-a-puff, balloon vine, or heartseed) and package for the Fall Plant Sale (coming up Sept. 19-20). The plant is an annual vine with small green puff balls that can be popped to collect the […]

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May 26th, 2014

Message from the Executive Director: Fan Mail

by Shane Tippett, Executive Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden     Thank You for Showing Us the Garden! Love, Meagan Kelly Riley is the children’s education manager at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. A Richmond native, Kelly worked in a number of jobs after completing business school, including a position that allowed her to watch urban residents move into newly […]

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May 10th, 2014

More Botanical Art

by Judy Thomas, Art in the Garden Instructor, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden If you love plants (and we know you do!) come out and see another new exhibit of stunning botanical art alongside the Flora of Virginia exhibit at the Library of Virginia. Central Virginia Botanical Artists, a group composed of mostly Lewis Ginter Botanical […]

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Apr 23rd, 2014

Mark Catesby Visits the Library

by Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden More precisely, Catesby prints are visiting. Mark Catesby was a British naturalist who lived from 1682 (or 3) to 1749.  He came to Virginia in 1712 and stayed with his sister in Williamsburg.  He was sent by friends to collect botanical specimens and return them to London, […]

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Apr 20th, 2014

An Ancient Conversation: Creating Ukrainian Pysanky

by Georgine Muc, Project Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden How does one join in on an ancient conversation? Settling down with a candle, a crude wooden writing device, and the mystifying smell of melting beeswax, is how my journey begins. Like many endeavors, it is good to pause before you decide on that first stroke that commits […]

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Apr 16th, 2014

The Power of Good: Shrinky Dink Edition

By Nicki, Youth Programs Developer, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Check out Daniel Alonso’s Shrinky Dink portrait at the HandsOn Greater Richmond Power of Good art show!  The art show celebrates local volunteers and portraits were done by Tiffany Glass Ferreira‘s Shrinky Dink Selfie Campaign. We are so proud of Daniel and all that he has done for […]

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Apr 16th, 2014

A Mother's Day Tradition

by Megan Compton, Education Assistant,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden   Our first Mother’s Day Celebration at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was actually before I even became a mom. My best friend’s father leads Glennroy and Company and we came to hear him play the Mother’s Day concert down at Bloemendaal House. It was a beautiful spring day […]

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Apr 9th, 2014

Happy National Volunteer Week!

Photos and text by Jonah Holland, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator  Happy National Volunteer Week! Here at the Garden, we’re celebrating our volunteers as often as we can. After all, there would be no Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden without them.  Less than 2 weeks ago, you  may have read about our annual volunteer […]

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Apr 2nd, 2014

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Named 2nd Best Garden in North America

by Jonah Holland, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator  Wow! With your help we were just named USAToday Travel’s 10Best Readers’ Choice 2nd Best Public Garden in North America. Thank you! Libby McMillan, Content Manager and Senior Editor for USA Today, wouldn’t reveal the number of votes the Garden received, but says: “I will tell […]

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Apr 1st, 2014

Botanical Garden to Offer Lake-front Condos in Lakeside

Love gardens but hate the work? Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden has a deal for you! Construction plans for the Cherry Tree Walk around Lake Sydnor have been expanded to include “The Lofts at Lewis Ginter” — a limited number of waterfront condos available for purchase inside the Garden. Imagine picking your own fresh bouquets daily […]

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Mar 27th, 2014

Volunteers Honored; Julie Abbott Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

by Jonah Holland, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator  This week Garden staff gathered to honor our 500+ volunteers. Five-hundred PLUS! That’s alot of volunteers you say? Yes it is.  And our volunteers are some of the most hardworking, dedicated helpful people you’ll find.  This morning, as I walked through the Garden on […]

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Mar 16th, 2014

Message from the Executive Director: 30 Years Later

by Shane Tippett, Executive Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden   When Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was formed thirty years ago in March, it consisted of a handful of empty, aging buildings and 73 acres of promise. As we celebrate this anniversary year, it is good to remember that the hallmarks of a successful, maturing botanical garden are in […]

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